By  Sarah Spegel |   | Posted in " October 2016 "

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A few of my rental clients are thinking about making the transition into buying a property. One client is thinking about buying in the building that they currently rent in and the other is thinking about a fixer upper house. So, I thought i’d pass along some of the tips that I shared with them this weekend. There are more factors to buying than what I have jotted down below but part of my job is to assist my buyers along the way to home ownership and provide as much information as I can to help them make an educated decision. Let this be just the start of a very exciting conversation :-)

RENT if you…

Want little hassle — renting gives you freedom and flexibility

Have limited savings — a down payment, land transfer tax and closing fees can add up

Are involved in other investment opportunities — Your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and currencies

BUY if you…

Enjoy building wealth and equity — Your property is a piggy bank that builds financially

Want to invest in real estate — the housing market is hot and you want to capitalize on those gains

You can afford it — You’ve built up your nest egg and now’s the time to invest

Still not sure which is the best option for you? Stay tuned..i’m publishing an additional blog post tomorrow. I’d be more than happy to provide value by crunching the numbers and finding the most viable option that works best for you!