From Now Until Closing Day

  • Real Estate Sales Representative Toronto
  • Real Estate Agent Downtown Toronto
  • Homes For Sale Downtown Toronto
  • Top Five Priorities

    Moving Truck - Book It Early.
    Lawyer - Do they have all the documents they need?
    Bank/Mortgage Broker - They have all the documents they need?
    Home Insurance Company - Obtain home insurance.
    Schools - Set up or change registration for children.

  • To Set Up Or Disconnect

    Gas and/or Oil.
    Landline phone and/or cellular.
    Cable or Satellite.
    Alarm System.
    Lawn care providers.

  • Notify of Address Change

    Canada Post.
    Car insurance.
    Child Tax and/or Tax Credit Program.
    Banks, Credit cards and Revenue Canada.
    Vehicle Registration.
    Doctor, Health Card, Pharmacy.
    Family and Friends.

Sarah Spegel is an experienced real estate agent with the RE/MAX Hallmark Realty. She specializes in dealing with residential real estate properties like detached and semi-detached homes across the city of Toronto and Downtown Toronto.